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It is a holistic and integrative therapy which prepares the body for Kundalini to rise, supporting those living life with an active kundalini (your subtle, yet divine feminine energy at the base of your spine). 

Through body de-armouring, non-dual psychology, shadow work, tantra and energetic bodywork, we create our own individual practice of kundalini activation.

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Kundalini bodywork works with all parts of the body, mind, heart & sex to liberate and integrate unprocessed trauma, emotions, and pain. In doing so, we allow kundalini energy to flow freely in a healthy way. We awaken our hearts and gifts in this lifetime on multiple aspects of the human consciousness and multi-dimensional energy field.

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During a session, you may experience the following; tingling, warmth, spontaneous movement, spinal waves, deep emotional catharsis, somatic release, deep heartfelt connection, insights, resolutions and a greater understanding of self. 


Kundalini bodywork is an intentional practice on the non-dual psychology and polarity framework to access deep parts of the subconscious.

We are exposing parts of ourselves that have felt shamed - hidden and deemed unacceptable, opening the door for integration into healing and transformation.

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Safety is always my priority; within touch, within the breath, and within the integration phase. At the beginning of the session, I will clarify your intention for seeking out this somatic work.


My guidance begins through tailored embodiment exercises to begin activating the body, as well as explaining breathing techniques which are a core focus of this work. To assist the rising of kundalini energy naturally, the session may involve;

  • Working on trigger points to de-armour the body

  • Work on major meridian pathways

  • Work on the energy fields


You will experience a dance between discomfort and pleasure, yet we will always end with pleasure and a heart connection. 

Important Note

Kundalini bodywork involves your own life force energy - this is sexual energy as your experience of yourself, so you may experience energy orgasms and pleasure. Please remember that these sessions are in no way a sex booking nor are there any interactions between client and facilitator. If there are any sexual connotations or projections placed upon myself, I will need to discontinue the sessions immediately (this applies to all gender identification). 

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I offer Kundalini Bodywork sessions in person (and soon to be via zoom!). Head to the bookings page to learn more.

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