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The key to deep, long-lasting healing lies in the ability to access our subconscious mind. In my experience as a somatic body therapist, somatic therapy is a vital element to healing trauma, integrating our learnings and regulating the nervous system.


It is our birthright to experience internal freedom, and cultivate an inner & outer connection to self.

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My healing journey began over a decade ago when I entered a career as a sex worker, exposing the deep pain and shame I had been carrying for many years. 


I was taken on a journey of healing directed by my inner guidance system; completing somatic work on every level to reprogram and re-integrate the trauma I had experienced throughout my life. 


I allowed myself to feel deeply through exploration of the tantric world and deep embodiment courses. And most recently, trauma informed breath work facilitator training with Owaken breath work, Kundalini bodywork and Spinal Flow. Breath, sound and movement hold the key to our body’s wisdom and inner guidance system; connecting us to the internal world and innate wisdom we all possess. 

Self-healing is the sole path to total healing which we can achieve through the nervous system regulation tools I practice in a safe, non-judgmental space.

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I’m here to help you and remind you that you are your own healer.


I won’t be your ‘guru’ or provide you with the answers. My role is to hold space in safety and love; to be your guide as you gain greater clarity & insight whilst connecting deeply with your inner world and intuition.


In reality, anyone who “has the answers” FOR YOU, is taking away your power from knowing how to heal yourself and prevent you from accessing your gifts.

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My breathwork and journey with Chelsea was definitely something I’ve never experienced in all my spiritual journeys! Not only what I felt during but more what was to come in the days and weeks to follow.. she allowed me the space to open up and explore all aspects of myself I’d been hiding for so long and tap into unlimited possibilities I didn’t even know I had within me.

Her space, her energy her unconditional love and support, made it all that much easier to surrender and let my walls down! And for that I will be forever grateful!
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If what I offer resonates for you, you’re ready to create a better present and future, & heal your past, please join me for a session. It would be an honour to guide you through your healing journey.

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