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Activation Breath work unlocks the subconscious mind and moves us into altered states of consciousness that we normally cannot access in our day to day lives.


The breath is the portal to accessing deep parts of ourselves which make the unconscious, conscious. This is where we find the potential for deep healing. It connects us with our unresolved pain and trauma to invite new perspectives and insights that propel us into the healing work.

Breath work can also be a tool to manifest and connect to our highest joys and desires, our potential and our inner guidance system.

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During a session you may experience the following; tingling, numbness, aching, jaw locking, clenching, see colours/visions, feel pleasure and discomfort, experience emotional catharsis or somatic release, connect with spirit guides, loved ones, ancestors or angels. The possibilities of breath work are infinite.

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During our sessions I will hold safe, nurturing and non-judgmental space for you to find your own internal guidance system and whatever else arises. I use my own intuition and trauma-informed breath work training to gently guide you home to yourself.

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I offer breath work journey’s in person and online via zoom, worldwide.

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