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Prior to any appointments (including the discovery call), please fill out the pre-session waiver form, linked below. Once the form has been filled out, I will contact you with further details so we can book you in and begin your journey to healing. 

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Let's see if it's the right fit!

Online | Zoom

Join me for a discovery call where we can learn more about each other, chat through my offerings and see if it’s the right fit. Please Only book a discovery call if you are interested in more than a one of session. 


20 minutes


In person                   Online | Zoom

During these sessions, I take you through an in depth breathwork journey where we can work on anything from; the mother or father wound, relationship dynamics, attachment patterns, relationship to pleasure/sexuality and inner child healing.


These sessions are tailored to your individual needs, individually guided and channeled on the day.

$350 AUD In person 

$250 Online

2.5 hours 


In person

During these sessions, I work to unblock the pathways so that natural activation can happen and we see a healthy kundalini rising. 


2 hours


Kundalini Bodywork

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