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​My healing journey began over a decade ago when I entered a career as a sex worker. 

Throughout my entire child-hood and early adult years I struggled with crippling anxiety, panic attacks and feelings of isolation. I felt hyper aware of my surroundings which led to feelings of overwhelm.


My struggle with mental health continued throughout my teens and 20’s, suffering from eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and overtraining) which restricted the joy in my life.

All of the deep pain I was experiencing from unresolved childhood/ family trauma and family dynamics was manifesting itself in my life through these illnesses.


Even through these times, I felt an internal guidance within me that I spent many years suppressing, even when I heard its whispers. The sex industry was a truthful and unsympathetic mirror that had the potential to make or break me.


It reflected back the pain, shame, disgust, deep loneliness, confusion around my sexuality and my connection to pleasure that I had been carrying (amongst other realities). 

At 22, I experienced a health crisis that nearly cost me my life only three years into working. I knew it was time to start looking into what was happening inside of me when my body began to fail.

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I was fortunate enough to find a mentor/guide/healer who empowered me to take full responsibility for my health. Turning what I thought was a curse into a gift I could offer the world, meant doing the somatic work on every atom of my being; healing my sexuality by allowing myself to feel deeply. 

After seven years in the sex working industry, I had explored the tantric world and journeyed with deep embodiment courses and training. Most recently, I have completed my trauma informed breath work facilitator training with Owaken breath work, Kundalini bodywork and Spinal Flow.


Along this journey, my biggest discovery has been that breath, sound and movement hold the key to our body’s wisdom and inner guidance system. Breathwork connects us to this internal world and innate wisdom we all possess. Then, full, complete healing is the result of the deep relationship we develop with the body.

I have come to know that self-healing is the sole path to total healing. Only you have your lived experience, the way it has felt and the way you have processed it. The nervous system regulation tools I employ to support this journey are vital to finding emotional, physical and mental healing of the body for you to integrate to your self-healing journey. 


I promise to hold a safe, non-judgmental space for you to seek this healing and come home to yourself.

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